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Sourcing which is also known as procurement. At Logic Impex with years of experience we locate and select the product where there is no hindrance to its supply chain and quality. We undertake market research and analysis to find the apt product as per our clients requirements. As India is a huge country our research and connections helps us to connect with the right suppliers at the point of origin enabling us to be competitive. Our past experiences has helped us to build strong network of suppliers and buyers.

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At Logic Impex we are looking for repetitive customers. Therefore quality is above all. We try that our clients are satisfied by identifying the right product intended to perform the right function or be of the right use matching the given specification. 

When it comes to compliance Logic Impex performs its due diligence to the best of its ability as per the regulatory requirements. One of our mission is to always adhere to all compliance required from beginning of sourcing till the shipment is completed. We strive to serve our clients needs by adhering to their requirements, standards,  terms and regulations set and agreed mutually.

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We carry out regular set of site inspection when a shipment is in process and also work and oblige with third party inspection requested or done by our client. We take site inspection very seriously as it reduces the risk of poor quality goods from being sent.


Once the process is complete the pre-shipment inspection certificate issued by the the third party will be shared with our client enabling the client to feel more confident in the quality of the product.


We also adhere to our own strict consignment wise inspection where each consignment in packed condition, is subject to detail  inspection by export inspection agency, our very own in-process quality control and finally self-certification. We are also open to the idea of the direct live video and sharing of original pictures where possible. 

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To ensure the process of  smooth handling of the cargo the entire supply chain is very important. As cargoes can be of different types starting from dry cargo, perishable cargo, Cargoes that require refrigeration, hazardous and non hazardous, we ensure  that we choose the right logistic partner where goods are transported from origin till the last leg of the process.


Availability of logistics can sometime be challenging, we at Logic Impex have our various existing registered logistic partner where they always give us priority as we are their long term existing client.


This is one of the reason why we are able to maintain timely delivery with complete ease of operation. Logic Impex takes pride in the success of implementing the entire supply chain channel which includes streamlining of order handling, transportation, inventory management and handling, storage, packaging and completing the export of goods.

As most of the goods and cargo travel in containers of uniform sizes and shapes we have the ability to choose the adequate container, checking and reviewing its condition and safely securing the merchandise. We are capable of shipping in different types of container depending on the type of cargo. For eg. General purpose containers 20 ft and 40 ft. , dry bulk containers and refrigerated containers.

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Maintaining a good reputation with ethical practices has always been an integral part of our business. This has helped us to earn the trust of many reputable business houses where at times we work as commission agent by connecting the buyers and sellers.


We take it as a matter of pride when a reputable manufacturer entrust us with their cargo for sale whereby we earn commission on the sale of the said cargo. We are always open to various trading opportunities where there is a win win situation for all the parties involved.

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We at Logic Impex are well acquainted with transporting of commodities, goods and cargo by land, sea or air. We have our trustworthy agents in all routes who helps us complete the customs and shipment process.


We also provide to our clients freight rates as it can sometime be more competitive than theirs. We are also well connected with many freight forwarder with whom we have worked before and continuing to work as of now. We are also able to offer cargo on CIF and CNF basis where the client at times may request.


Our past experience has helped us to make a wider connection with the shipping industry worldwide where we can help with the Importers  requirement for containers and quote competitively thereby providing complete solution for the Importer.


Packaging is an important and essential role in export and import of goods. We first determine the type and nature of goods, study ways and seek expert opinions from the buyers as well as from our inhouse team.


In most cases we package the goods as per the instruction received from the buyer and provide the same as documentary evidence known as Packing list with information such as how its packed, the dimension and weight of each package, and the marks and numbers noted on the outside of the package.


Our expertise in packaging enables the client to receive the goods intact and without any damage. With years of experience we have dealt with various types of packaging such as:

  • Boxes and crates

  • Pallets

  • Drums

  • Containers 

  • Loose and unpacked packaging

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?

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